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Import: Shift4Shop - Shift4Shop (fka 3dcart) import failure: "Please reinstall application"

Sarah B
Sarah B
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If you receive the error message 'Please reinstall application' after you attempted to import from Shift4Shop (fka 3dcart), you will need to complete the following steps.

  1. In GoDataFeed, go to Products > SOURCE > Primary Souce
  2. Select the lock icon. Change the source to FTP.
  3. Add 'X' in the FTP Address, Username, and Password field. Click Save. Upon saving, you will be prompted to import your products. Click RUN IMPORT.
  4. Login to your Shift4Shop store and delete the GoDataFeed app that you installed (under Modules > Rest API > Change settings)
  5. Visit Settings > General > Store Settings and copy your Secure URL
  6. In GoDataFeed, change your data source back to Shift4Shop.
  7. Paste the Secure URL from Shift4Shop into the Secure URL field in GoDataFeed.
  8. Click Save but DO NOT import.
  9. In Shift4Shop, navigate to Modules > Rest API > Change Settings and enter GoDataFeed's public key (Provided on the import settings screen). Click Add.
  10. In GoDataFeed, refresh the page. Click Save and RUN IMPORT.

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