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Import: Shopsite - Adding size/color variations

Sarah B
Sarah B
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To import color and size variations from ShopSite, follow the instructions found below. For ShopSite import instructions, refer to Importing products from ShopSite

  1. See Video Help from Shopsite
  2. Login to your ShopSite Control Panel and create an Advanced Option field for any/each of the following variants: size, color, material or pattern [confirm this is worded correctly]
  3. In your ShopSite Control Panel, [Please choose ONE of the correct phrases below for step 2 and confirm it is worded correctly]:
    • Populate your gender and age group fields [OR]
    • Create 2 'Custom Fields', 'gender' and 'age group.' Acceptable values are for 'gender' are male, female or unisex, and acceptable values for 'age group' are adult or kids.
  4. Login to your GoDataFeed Account Center and re-import your data

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