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Import: Shopify - Importing variations and/or custom options

Sarah B
Sarah B
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If you would like to pull in variations or custom options from Shopify, follow the instructions below. For Shopify import instructions, refer to Importing products from Shopify

  1. Shopify uses a "title" field for both the parent and child data, even though the data may be different. Because of this, if you need to bring in your child product's 'variants' titles, simply enter 'variants_title' as a Custom Field in the import settings Field Mappings tab.

  2. If you are using custom Options who's names match one of our existing standard fields, this data will override your standard field data. To prevent this, prepend the Custom Field name with 'option_'. For example, 'Title' should be entered as 'option_Title', "Size" should be entered as 'option_Size' (remember, these are case sensitive).

Note: Fields are case sensitive, according to how you created them.

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