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Import: Magento 1.x SOAP - Importing products from Magento SOAP 1.x

Sarah Bacchus
Sarah Bacchus
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This integration allows you to continue managing your product data on your Magento store while GoDataFeed automatically retrieves the latest changes on a daily basis.

1. Install the GoDataFeed Extension

Note: You must have FTP access to your Magento server

  1. Unpack the package on your local machine. TIP:  You may need to download a program such as 7-Zip to unpack the file.
  2. Using your ftp client, log into your target destination.
  3. Upload the app folder to the root folder of your Magento directory

    You can verify by checking the following files/folders exists and has correct permissions

    • /app/code/local/GoDataFeed/
    • /app/code/etc/GoDataFeed_Services.xml
  4. Optional: If you would like to have this extension show up under Magento Connect, upload the xml file provided in the installation package (GoDataFeed-1.1.3.xml) to the /var/package folder under your Magento directory
  5. Go to System > Cache Management > Web Services Configuration cache (Web Services definition files (api2.xml)) and check the box, select Actions > Refresh and click on Submit.

2. Create a Magento API User, Role and Permissions

  1. In the Magento admin panel, go to System > Web Services > SOAP/XML-RPC - Roles and create a Role with permissions to "Retrieve products data"
  2. Go to System > Web Services > SOAP/XML-RPC - Users
  3. Create a User
    • When creating a User you will see a field requesting an API key. Enter a password in this field, it will be used for your GoDataFeed import password.
    • In the User Role tab, assign this User with the new Role (created in step #2 above)

3. Complete GoDataFeed primary source settings and import products

  1. In GoDataFeed > Products > Import Source drop-down, select Magento SOAP 1.x
    • Store ID: The number in your Magento store for this store view under Manage Stores.
    • Base URL:
      • This is the URL that is used to access your Magento API endpoint.
      • This is sometimes the same as your Magento Login URL.
      • This could also be simply your store site URL similar to this:
      • If you are unsure about your Magento API base URL, please consult your Magento Administrator.
    • Product Types: filter by simple, configurable, grouped, virtual, bundle, and downloadable products
    • API Username and Password: the Username and Password that were created when you set up your Magento SOAP User.
    • Stock Quantity Filter (optional): The minimum Stock Quantity products can have to be imported into our system. If a product has a quantity lower than this, then we will not import it.
  2. Save -- now you may import your products


Importing additional attributes using attribute codes

If you would like to import custom attributes/fields from Magento, you will need to input the attribute code in the Field Mapping settings in GoDataFeed.

To import custom attributes:

  1. Visit Catalog Attributes Manage Attributes in the Magento admin panel and find the exact attribute code
  2. Find, copy and paste the desired attribute code(s) into your GoDataFeed account (Import > Mapping). Use the exact attribute code of the field from Magento that you are trying to pull in. 


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