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Import: Volusion - Volusion Password Reset

Sarah Bacchus
Sarah Bacchus
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Volusion requires a password reset every 3 months, in accordance with PCI compliance.

This includes the API password generated on the account to import your product data into GoDataFeed.

When the password expires, your product import in your GoDataFeed store will start to fail.

These steps will help you renew your API password so we may continue to import your products or sync your orders.

Generating a new API password in Volusion

  1. In Volusion navigate to Inventory > Volusion API volusion_api_1.png
  2. Scroll down to Generic\Products and click Runvolusion_api_2.png
  3. On the next screen, click Run near top right. volusion_api_3.png

Updating your Volusion password on your own

  1. The encrypted password string can then be obtained from the general query string information field. The password will be displayed between the text "&EncryptedPassword=" and "&".
  2. Copy and paste the encrypted password from Volusion over the existing one in your GoDataFeed primary source settings. update_volusion_api_import_password.gif

Updating your Volusion password with GoDataFeed Support assistance

If you would like our support team to update this on your behalf, then please open a support request, place the generated link from step 3 under "Generating a new API password in Volusion" above in the ticket and we will be glad to update the import settings.

To read more details on the Volusion API, please see this Volusion Help Center article.

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