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Feed rules: "FEEDDATE" function

GoDataFeed API Integration
GoDataFeed API Integration
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The Feed Date (FEEDDATE) function within the rules allows you to produce the current date of when the feed is being compiled. Use the current date of the feed, as well as add/subtract days from the current date to produce sale price date ranges that are always active.


To create a rule using the feed date function

  1. SET: choose the feed field you would like to apply a feed date to
    • For example, Google's [F].[sale_price_effective_date]
  2. TO: here you will write your function
    • Start the feed date function with [[ (hit 'enter' or click away)
    • Then type FEEDDATE (hit 'enter' or click away)
    • Close the feed date function with two closing brackets ]]
      • Note: you can adjust FEEDDATE by any number of days by using addition and subtraction, such as, -, +, for example [[ FEEDDATE + 30 ]]
  3. WHERE: set the conditions for the rule and then click Save


How to set Google Shopping sale price effective date using the feed date function



For example, follow the formula below to SET your Google Shopping Merchant Center feed [F].[sale_price_effective_date] to a rolling 30-day window which will make the sale price effective always:

[[ FEEDDATE ]] / [[ FEEDDATE + 30 ]]



Here is this example as seen in the entire rule:

How to use Date Condition Groups

You can also apply rules to products based on date conditions. For example, if you need to set promotional pricing during a period of time.


You can also configure repricing rules by combining the Calculator and FEEDDATE rule functions. For more info on our calculator feature see the following help article:


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