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Feed rule schedules

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Rebecca Koss
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Rule schedules are a feature available within every feed in our platform. With rule schedules, you can set feed rules to run on a custom schedule that align with your product marketing strategy.

Check out our short explainer video here to see how easy it is to utilize feed rule schedules, read through some example uses for rule schedules.

Example use cases for rule schedules 

  1. Testing the performance of optimization rules. For example, you can create a title optimization rule and set its schedule to run for one week so that you can monitor your product performance on the channel during this period. Then, you can create a secondary optimization rule to run the following week and monitor product performance during this week, and then compare the results of your title optimizations.

    Alternatively, you can create two title optimization rules and set them to run concurrently for different groups of products and compare the performance of the product groups at the end of the feed rule schedule. 
  2. Schedule sales or promotions ahead of time. For example, you can create a rule to submit sale prices or a rule that calculates a promotional price and set these rules to run during the intended sale or promotional period.

How to set feed rule schedules

      • To access the rule schedules, click the ellipse button and select 'Schedules'


      • Scroll to the bottom of the dialog box and click the "Add Schedule" button
      • Select a pre-set timeframe for your rule, or use the custom date range selector to set your schedule

        2024-04-25 14_18_36-.png

      • Click the blue "Save" button

For further customization you can toggle the rule schedule OFF for any day of the week so that the rule won't run on those days during a rule's schedule. You can edit a rule schedule at any time, you can also remove a rule schedule easily by clicking the red delete button seen here.

schedule remove.png
Rules with schedules set will have a calendar status icon button in the Rules list so you can easily identify which rules are running on schedules.

Group 2.png

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