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How to generate a Feed Analysis Report and use GoDataFeed AI to analyze product data

Rebecca Koss
Rebecca Koss
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The Feed Analysis Report provides Users with comprehensive compilation and submission feedback generated based on channel standards as well as GoDataFeed's proprietary data validation engine.

By leveraging the comprehensive insights and recommendations provided in the Feed Analysis Report, Users can make informed decisions, optimize their feed strategy, and improve the overall performance of their product listings. With GoDataFeed AI Users can build product listings that are optimized for better visibility and conversions. 

How to Generate a Feed Analysis Report

Each Feed Analysis Report is generated on-demand. To generate, simply click "Analysis Report" in the left-side menu within any feed template.


Contents of the Analysis Report

While the exact contents of the Analysis Report are specific to the type of feed and the channel the report is generated for, at minimum all Analysis Reports include:

  • Historical compilation and submission metrics, providing valuable insights into your feed data health over the last 30 days
  • Unique feed compilation and submission feedback from GoDataFeed's proprietary data validation engine
  • Recommendations for optimizing feed data and resolving warnings and error messages,  including channel feed specifications, example SKUs and their affected data, and if available, channel resources or steps to resolve issues

How to Print the Analysis Report 

Because the Analysis Report is generated on-demand, Users can save a copy of any Analysis Report to share with stakeholders or other members of their organization.

To save the Analysis Report as a PDF, simply click the "Print" button in the top right-hand corner of the Report, highlighted here:


Analyze individual product data with GoDataFeed AI 

GoDataFeed AI, our newest AI software integration, will analyze SKU data and generate: 

  • Smart titles
  • Keywords
  • Descriptions
  • Ad copy
  • An SEO review
  • Validation analysis

How to generate AI optimizations for a product

There are three ways to trigger the GoDataFeed AI product analysis.

  1. Search any SKU directly in the Analysis Report using the Search bar in the top left-hand corner of the Report


  2. Click on any SKU included in the Analysis Report

    2023-11-07 12_38_28-GoDataFeed App.png

  3. Use the "Report" shortcut within any Product Card page to automatically generate the Report with AI recommendations for the SKU you are viewing, shown here:

    2023-11-07 12_45_58-GoDataFeed App.png

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