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How to use the Feed Preview

Yesenia DeSalle
Yesenia DeSalle
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The Feed Preview feature allows you to review your feed data changes on-demand within our App. With full visibility into the data transformation process, you can utilize the Feed Preview feature to visualize what is needed to further optimize your data.

With the Feed Preview feature you can:

  • View feed data on-demand, without having to run a full compilation and wait for the output of a feed file and validation summary.


  • View feed data with filters (manual exclusion and rules), mappings, categorizations (mapping and rules), rules, and validations as they will be applied in the next compilation of your feed. Note: The Feed Preview does not run "group by" or "is unique" rules.

  • View the first 100 SKUs in the Feed Preview table, or you can enter any SKU from your import or a comma-separated list of SKUs. Example: SKU1,SKU2,SKU3...


  • Click into any SKU to audit the compilation changes from import to feed. You will see every logic step listed in order, so you can audit the entire data transformation process for any SKU.


  • Examine the 'Before' column and 'After' column for any SKU to see your data values transform. The 'Before' column displays the data values before this step is processed, and the 'After' column, displays the data value as its been transformed by the logic that is configured in the step. 


  • You can audit SKUs that are excluded in the feed. When you click into an excluded SKU, you will be able to see at what stage of the data transformation process they are being excluded (as indicated by the 'Status' column) and make changes if necessary. 


You can make any changes to Mapping, Filters, Categories, or Rules while the Feed Preview feature is open. You will need to click the blue search button to refresh to preview changes you've just made. Alternatively, you can toggle Feed Preview OFF, and then toggle it back ON to refresh the preview.

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