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GoDataFeed gives users the ability to apply different values directly in the UI via the rules system when the promotion is targeted to specific SKU's or product groups. This makes the process seamless to manage, especially if there are multiple promotions across multiple SKU's in a market at a given time.

We also assist customers with applying promotional pricing at the feed level when pricing is not available in the source data. Promotions are often created within the Google Merchant Center interface, however, we also provide the customer the option to create their promotions via a separate Google promotion feed on our interface. 

On the feed level, you can specify the items that should have a promotion applied through any of the following attributes (these may vary per channel): 

Some users choose to create a series of rules to update these attribute fields based on a list of their preferences. In Godatafeed you can set this up a few different ways: 

    1. Mapping: You can choose to map an attribute field directly to a field from your product import. To do this you would navigate in Godatafeed to Feeds > Select the feed > Mapping > Search in the top right for the attribute field you are looking to update. 

  1. Creating a rule: You can create a new rule within the feed by navigating to Feeds > Rules > Blue plus button > Begin filling in the details required for the rule.

    1. You can set the to field to an attribute field from your import
    2. Or you can enter a static value and click save to save the value. 
      Once you save a rule you may need to Compile the feed and download the latest feed once the compilation is complete to review that the rule is set up as expected. 

Feel free to contact our technical team for further details if you need additional support. You can open up a support ticket using our Submit a Request form or chat in using our chat feature. 


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