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Feed rules: Append UTM Parameters to Product URLs

Sarah Bacchus
Sarah Bacchus
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Custom rules allow you to apply business rules to your feeds to change field attributes, add third-party tracking, replace text in your data, calculate number values, and improve feed quality.

UTM tags are added to a URL that allows you to track performance. Once the URL is clicked on, the tag is sent to your Google Analytics account where you can view information about a visitor's session.


Append UTM parameters to URLs

Use concatenation to append UTM tracking parameters to product URLs.  


Example of custom rule using concatenation to append UTM parameters to dynamic URLs.


Creating a custom rule to append UTM parameters to product URLs

  1. Go to the Feeds tab in the to-left navigation bar 
  2. Select the desired feed template
  3. Select Rules on the sidebar section within the feed page
  4. Click the plus button
  5. Name your rule
  6. Under SET, select the feed field you want to change
  7. Under TO, select your product URL field (this should be a Product [P] field) from the drop-down menu
  8. In the next available field, type in your UTM parameters
  9. Enter the conditions for this rule.
    • To add additional conditions, click the + Condition icon.
  10. Save
To save this new custom rule as a Global Rule, click the global rule drop-down option and select Save as new global rule.

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