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Feed rules: using concatenation to prepend and append values and fields

GoDataFeed Technical Team
GoDataFeed Technical Team
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Concatenation allows you to join fields or values together like you would using an Excel function. For example, you could join your brands and titles or you could append colors to the end of your titles or units of measure to shipping dimensions.

  1. Brand + Title = "TREK Basketball Shoes"
  2. Title + " - " + Color = "Boys shirt - Blue"
  3. Shipping length + " in" = "3.5 in"



To concatenate values in a rule:

  1. Go to the Feeds tab in the top-left navigation bar 
  2. Select the desired feed template
  3. Select Rules in the sidebar menu section within the feed page
  4. Click the plus button add_button.PNG
  5. Name your rule
  6. Under SET, select the feed field you want to change
  7. Under TO, enter the desired value for your selected field by either typing it or choosing from either your imported Product [P] data or Feed [F] data from the drop-down menu
  8. To concatenate fields, you can add another field or value in the next available box
  9. Use the space key to give a space character between fields/values (see image above)
  10. Enter the conditions for this rule.
    • To add additional conditions, click the + Condition icon.
  11. Save
To save this new custom rule as a Global Rule, click the global rule drop-down option and select Save as new global rule.

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