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Troubleshooting: The server returned a 550 error.

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Error message

The server returned a 550 error. Please verify that your source file exists and that access has been given to the location you specified in your settings, then try again.  


What does it mean? 

This code related to permissions, access, authorization, and so on. Either some keys are missing or wrong or our IP addresses need to be allowed. The most common reason you are seeing this is because it accesses the location entered but the file path specified doesn't exist.  


GoDataFeed Troubleshooting Steps

To troubleshoot the issue, first, check the Products Page, then navigate to Primary Source. This page contains many of your credentials and settings to locate your data. Verify that all the settings are right and try again.

If all the credentials appear to be correct, the next issue could be you don't have the GoDataFeed servers allowlisted. Essentially allowlisting is enabling our server IP address to access your website's endpoint so we can move your data where you want. Here's a helpful article about the IP addresses you should have allowlisted link! 

GoDataFeed server IP addresses

If your issue is not resolved, then please reach out to our support team to investigate further.


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