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Product Protection stops missing from harming your channel listings

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Sarah B
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Automatically fail an import if the sku count is less than normal.

Whether by human or system error, one bad product import can wreak havoc on your advertising performance and product listings.

Enable this feature to start protecting your product listings today.




How it works

Upon every import, we compare the new total with the average total products from past imports.

If the new import total is less than the allowable range, the import will fail and the import failure email is sent out.

On the product protection page you can do the following:

  • Reset Calculation to allow the import to continue with the smaller import
  • Adjust the decrease threshold using the slider
  • Enable / Disable this feature 

Product Protection page


Example Import Failed email


Reset Calculation

By default, our system calculates the running average total imported products from the last 60 days.

If the decrease in total products is legitimate, then you can confirm the change to allow the import to complete without disabling the feature.

To confirm the change in total products, reset the calculation to start from today. This means, the next import will succeed because there is no running average with which to compare.

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