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Feed: Google - Fix Google Shopping error "Unsupported currency in attribute: price" or "Missing Value: Price"

Sarah Bacchus
Sarah Bacchus
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Google Merchant Center errors about price or currency are mostly related to the lack of a Default currency set for your feed in Merchant Center. 

To resolve errors, including these three error messages, you must set a Default currency for your feed following the steps in the next section.

  • Unsupported currency in attribute: price.
  • Invalid or missing required attribute: price.
  • Unsupported currency in attribute: sale price

How to set Default currency in Google Merchant Center

  1. In Google Merchant Center > navigate to Products > Feeds > Select the Feed name > click the Settings tab > scroll Down to Select Currency
  2. Set the Default currency
  3. Click "Save"


How to update "Missing Value: Price" when using Google Merchant Center Next

To ensure Price is being updated on the feed accurately within Google Merchant Center Next experience you will need to ensure your feed is formatted to map the Number plus Currency such as 15.00 USD. 

It may be helpful to create a rule based on the price field as shown below: 

See more details from the following link regarding the feed field requirements: 


Contact our support team for further assistance with this issue. Be sure to provide any affected sku's or screenshots of where you are encountering an issue.

Open a support ticket


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