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Facebook: Getting started with Facebook Shops

Rebecca Koss
Rebecca Koss
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Before using GoDataFeed to submit your optimized product feed to Facebook Shops, you need to ensure the items below have been completed in your Facebook account in order to be approved to sell products on Facebook Shops.

meta.png Required for Facebook Shops approval


meta.png Settings to configure in Facebook Commerce Manager

meta.png Connect GoDataFeed to Facebook Shops

Once your Facebook Shop is approved, you must complete the MBE connection in our App so that GoDataFeed can submit products to your Facebook Shop. During the MBE connection, you will:

If you are new to Facebook Business, you can create the following accounts and pages during the MBE Connection if you don’t already have them created. During the MBE Connection keep an eye out for “create new” within the window prompts if you don’t have one available.

If you encounter an error on any of the prompts during the MBE connection, you can select 'Contact Support' to connect with Facebook to better guide you on each step. If you aren’t able to move forward on any of these step it's best to contact Facebook for more information as we read data after the connection is made. Feel free to let us know what details Facebook is able to provide.

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