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Troubleshooting Shopify: cannot import metafields

Jason S
Jason S
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If you are unable to find/confirm the metafield names for your import, please follow the instructions below.

  1. Find an example Product ID that contains the needed metafield
  2. Copy the API URL into the browser and append it with /admin/products/ + the product ID + /metafields.json
    • For example,
  3. The browser will prompt you to enter an API username/password
  4. Open the following page in your web browser:
  5. Paste the metafields.json data into this page, under the Text tab
  6. Select the Viewer tab to see this data organized
  7. Navigate to JSON > metafields, and review each numbered option to confirm the exact field name that should be used. The field name is represented as the key.
  8. Enter this field name in the GoDataFeed mapping settings (Products > SETTINGS > Mapping)

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