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Troubleshooting Magento 1.x: "Server returned a fault exception: |623| Calling parameters do not match signature"

Sarah B
Sarah B
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If you receive an import failure notification with the below error message, follow the troubleshooting steps in this article. 

Error message: Server returned a fault exception: |623| Calling parameters do not match signature

This is a known bug concerning the Zend Framework, which is used by Magento. This error is being generated in your code, and this detail needs to be commented out by your development team.

Disclaimer: Any changes to your Magento store framework should be reviewed and implemented at the discretion of your development team. If you cannot edit the Magento file, then you need to update your Magento store to the latest version to make the necessary change.

To comment out the code:

  1. Open the file lib/Zend/XmlRpc/Server.php(it should be located at the root Magento directory).
  2. Find the piece of code magentoerror623_1.jpg
  3. And comment it outmagentoerror623_2.jpg


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