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Troubleshooting Magento 1.x: "Server returned a fault exception: |4| Resource path is not callable"

Sarah B
Sarah B
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If you receive an import failure notification with the below error message, follow the troubleshooting steps in this article. 

Error message: Server returned a fault exception: |4| Resource path is not callable

The GoDataFeed Extension is unable to perform its API calls to the Magento account either because:

  • The account may be set up with certain restrictions
  • You are using a deprecated Magento compiler, and did not rerun it after installing the GoDataFeed Extension
IMPORTANT NOTE: Troubleshooting of this error must be handled at the discretion of your technical team or Magento administrator. It is strongly advised that this be done in a testing Magento environment that matches your live environment, so that you may monitor any system updates.

 Try the following:

  1. Confirm with the system administrator if your account has any restrictions on it -OR- if you are using the Magento Compiler
  2. If you have any restrictions, you should remove these – at the discretion of your technical team – in your testing Magento environment
  3. If you are using the Magento Compiler, verify if your Magento administrator has run a new system compilation after the GoDataFeed module was installed
    • This is typically done by going to System > Tools > Compilation and running the compilation process. 
  4. Once you confirm if any of the above actions were needed, re-run the import

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