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Switching product import source

Sarah Bacchus
Sarah Bacchus
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If you are migrating from one shopping cart platform to another, you will need to update the import settings in your GoDataFeed account. As each platform has different field headers, you will also need to remap your feeds. 

You have two options in moving forward when you have a new import source. 

  1. Recommended: You can contact our Support team for assistance with setting up a test store for you to test the new import source. Once the new import source is set up we can assist you on the ticket with how to activate the test store for you to begin remapping the feeds on your own. Or our team can assist with remapping the feeds for you for an additional cost we can provide you with a quote for this service on the support ticket when you reach out. 

  2. You can change your current import source over to the new import and reference the previous import for you to remap the feeds. 

Follow the steps below to complete your source migration (if you choose to set this up on your own): 

  1. Download your current import file and feed files, for future reference. 
  2. Remove the submission times on all of your feeds and pause all feed pull URL's set up. You may want to save your current feed submission details for any feeds that are submitting via FTP. 
  3. Visit Products > SOURCE > Primary Source > Red lock icon and select your new import source type. 
  4. Complete the import by following your platform import instructions
  5. If you have a merge file, confirm that it is still importing into GoDataFeed. If not, make the necessary adjustments to the field headers. 
  6. Remap your feeds according to the new field headers. Reference the old feed and import files, if necessary. 
  7. Schedule a feed submission time.

If you would like GoDataFeed to assist you with the migration, please reach out to the GoDataFeed support team and we can review a new import source. Please note that there is a fee associated with migrating the feeds within your account over to the new import source which we can quote you on the ticket. 

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