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Do we retry imports on failed import attempts?

Sarah B
Sarah B
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Our system retries imports after certain import failures. Please reference the import retry guidelines below:

  • We retry on connection issues and timeouts.
  • We do not retry for missing files, bad links (404 error), or invalid credentials (530 error).
  • The retries for connection will try 5xs with longer time between them, 30 sec, 2 min, 5 min, 10 min for example.
  • All attempts are communicated as one session. You will not be emailed on every retry attempt, only the final result.
  • The feeds will wait 'in queue' until the import is successful.

If your import has failed we suggest triggering a manual import before opening up a support ticket by navigating in app to Import > Then selecting the Import button on the far left. Sometimes imports can fail for a variety of reasons sometimes from a time-out error from the platform or the process.


If you have triggered an import and it continues to fail you can open a support ticket for our team to assist you further outlining any steps you've taken to troubleshoot the issue. 

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