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Feed: Google - How do I remove a previously existing Google Merchant Center Content API feed?

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How do I remove a previously existing Google Merchant Center Content API feed?

Sometimes new users who are looking to begin submitting a feed from GoDataFeed may go to submit the feed once set up and see that there is an existing Content API feed.

We suggest removing any active Content API feeds that may exist in your Google Merchant Center account in order for Google to be able to ingest the new feed from GoDataFeed. To do this there may be two steps:

Step 1 You will want to review any current feeds that may be submitting in Google Merchant Center and verify that the new feed is set up to submit "id" values as the previous feed was submitting them. This will help with retaining historical data when transitioning to your new feed.

If you are unsure about this step you can open up a support ticket with our support team to review and advise further. Please provide a few example SKU's of how your previous feed was submitted for us to review and advise.

Step 2 You will need to deactivate the Content API feed from the Import source. The steps on this may vary per platform so we suggest reaching out to your Shopping Cart platform for additional steps. 

If your import source is Shopify see the steps to deactivate the Shopify API below:

  • Login to the Shopify admin
  • Navigate to 'Apps' and then click on the “Google Shopping” app
  • Click 'Settings' at the top-right
  • Delete the value in the 'Merchant Center ID' field*
  • Click 'Save'

Once this is complete you should be all set to begin submitting the feed to Google Merchant Center. 


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