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Feed: TikTok - How to Connect your TikTok feed as a catalog

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Only managed accounts based in the US and ID can create catalogs. For more information, please contact your sales representative.

What are the benefits of connecting a catalog to TikTok?

According to TikTok, a catalog is an asset that allows you to store information about the products you want to promote on TikTok. When you create a catalog you can create ads that showcase specific products with up-to-date information about each product, like price, availability, sizes, and more.

Using a catalog is a great solution for anyone who is looking for an efficient way to create and manage ads that feature a variety of products, like an online retailer.

Creating a catalog will give you the ability to:

  • Upload key information about your products directly to TikTok Ads Manager, including names, descriptions, prices, images, videos and more.
  • Manage your products by creating product sets and creating automated rules to customize the information about your products.
  • Generate custom videos for all of the products in your catalog using the Video Template and Dynamic Video Generator tool.



The 5 steps to creating "Catalog Sales" ads in TikTok

There are 5 main steps you must complete to create "Catalog Sales" ads in TikTok, and this article will review how to complete steps 1 and 2, which outline creating a catalog in TikTok Ads Manager, and uploading products to this catalog.

tiktok process.png


Step 1: Create a new product catalog in TikTok Ads Manager

To create a catalog in TikTok Ads Manager, follow these steps:

  1. Login to TikTok Ads Manager and go to Catalogs
  2. Click Assets > Add Catalog
  3. Enter a Catalog Name
  4. Choose a Default Currency for the products in your catalog
  5. Select a Targeting Location where you will show your ads
  6. Click Create

    How to Create and Manage Catalogs-create a catalog-GIF


Step 2: Upload products to the new catalog

After you create a catalog, you'll need to upload your products to it, following the steps below:

    1. Select your Catalog 
    2. On the left side of the screen under Manage, click Products
    3. Then click the Add Products button

      How to Create and Manage Catalogs-add products-PNG
    4.  Select Data Feed Schedule and enter a Data Feed Name
    5. Enter the Data Feed URL

      Follow these steps in GoDataFeed to generate and copy the feed pull URL to input in this step:

      • In your TikTok feed > click the 'Settings' page
      • If you haven't done so already, click "Create Feed URL" to generate the feed pull URL
      • Click "Copy URL"

      feed url create.png

      Your Data Feed URL is NOT password protected, you can leave username and password empty
    6. Choose Automatic Upload Frequency: select if you want your catalog to be updated Hourly or Daily

        • If using Hourly, select the hourly frequency you want to update your catalog
        • For both options you will need to enter the time you want to start updating your file

      Best practice is to schedule the feed upload to happen after your GoDataFeed import completes

      The time and frequency will depend our your import schedule in GoDataFeed. Typically, we are importing your data once daily around 2:00 a.m EST. This means ideally you would select "Daily at 2:50 a.m.". If you have configured more imports in GoDataFeed, or if the import takes a long time, then you will need to take these elements into consideration. After each data import into our system, we compile the feed so that it is ready to be fetched by TikTok at the scheduled time. Review your import history to figure out the best time for TikTok to fetch the feed.

    7. Select an Update Method and choose 'Replace your data feed' -- selecting this will upload the new data feed or replace your existing one, and any existing items that are not in your new data feed will be deleted

    8. Once you've filled in all of the information, click Import
    9. All done! Check for issues and contact our Support team if you need any assistance
Open a support ticket

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