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Feed: Microsoft Advertising (Bing Shopping) - Invite a user to Microsoft Merchant Center

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Sarah B
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Our support team is ready to help setup your Microsoft Advertising feeds. First, add us to your users in your Microsoft Advertising account by following the directions below. This information is from the Microsoft Help article entitled How do I give someone access to my Microsoft Advertising account?.

Invite a new user

Shortly after you invite a new user, they will receive an account activation email with instructions on signing in to Microsoft Advertising. Only those with Super Admin and Standard User roles can invite new users.


To grant access to additional users, follow these steps:


Step 1  Click Tools from the global menu, and then click Account access


Step 2  Click User Management from the main menu


Step 3  Click Invite user from the User Management page


Step 4  Enter information about the new user and their account role


Step 5  Click Send



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