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Sarah Bacchus
Sarah Bacchus
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To begin, you’ll need a Pinterest business account.

You can create a product catalog for your entire inventory from within your business account. You can create product pins manually, but connecting a data source is far more efficient. Please note you may need to remove a previous feed in order for the new feed to update as expected. 


Connect your inventory to your product catalog

Assuming you've already imported your data to GoDataFeed (or other product data management platform) and have mapped/optimized your Pinterest feed accordingly, the next thing you'll need to do is to find your feed pull – or data source URL.

  1. Go to Pinterest > Ads > Catalogs
  2. Fill out the new data source form if you do not have any existing data sources, otherwise, you may need to first click "Add new data source"
  3. Enter a name like "GoDataFeed"
  4. Copy and paste the feed URL from the feed settings page in GoDataFeed
    1. In GDF, go to Feeds > Pinterest > Settings and create a feed pull URL. The feed pull URL is what Pinterest will use to download and update your catalog.
    2. Copy & paste your feed pull URL to your Pinterest data source URL.godatafeed feed pull url data source url
  5. Skip the Username and Password
  6. Chose your Country/Region, Language, default currency, and availability
  7. Lastly, select a time at which Pinterest will fetch the feed. Coordinate this time with your import and how long it takes to complete. Set Pinterest to fetch at a time well after GDF imports your data and compiles your feed.


!! NOTE: Be sure that the File Compression setting is set to "No Compression".
Pinterest does NOT accept compressed files (.zip or .gzip). Source:


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