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Feed: Walmart Marketplace - Connecting Walmart US: Delegated API Access for Solution Providers

Sarah Bacchus
Sarah Bacchus
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mceclip0.pngThis article will show you how to connect your Walmart marketplace seller account. You must have an active Walmart Seller account with admin access to complete these steps.

Do not share your personal key with GoDataFeed or any other Solution Providers. You should only create new keys for Solution Providers. Learn more about delegated access.


Production API Keys for Solution Providers (Delegated Access)

To configure and schedule your feed submission to Walmart US (United States) for you first need to generate API keys for GoDataFeed following these steps:


Step 1  Go to Walmart's developer portal and select marketplace



Step 2  Click "Add New Key for Solution Provider"

This is found under the section "Production Keys" on the API Keys page. Please ignore the section that provides you with your personal API keys called "My API  Key"


Step 3  Select "GoDataFeed" from the drop-down and next


Step 4  Grant access to the necessary endpoints, as pictured

  • Feeds: View Only
  • Content: Full Access
  • Items: Full Access
  • Inventory: Full Access
  • Price: Full Access
  • Lag Time: Full Access
  • Order: Full Access
  • Returns: Full Access
  • Reports: View Only




Step 5  Copy & Paste the Client ID and Client Secret which you will add into your GoDataFeed account

Step 6  Save the Client ID and Client Secret to your GoDataFeed feed settings or your order sync source settings.


Step 7  Done! Now, you are ready to submit feeds or sync orders with Walmart from GoDataFeed.

You can submit your feed by navigating to Feeds > Select Submit in the upper left. Once the feed completes a submission you will receive a processing report back. You may want to review your processing report for additional details about your feed submission and work on reviewing and correcting the errors. 

Example processing report: 


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