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Feed: eBay Marketplace - eBay Requirements for California Proposition 65

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eBay advised sellers of new regulations from the state of California that impact sellers who list products containing certain substances.

As a result of California Proposition 65, which takes effect on August 30, 2018, eBay is adding a new item specific (product attribute) to enable sellers to comply with the new requirement.

eBay announcement follows:

On August 30, 2018, California will require certain sellers to display a Proposition 65 warning on online retail sites if products contain chemicals and/or substances that may impact the health of California buyers.

To enable sellers to show this flag, eBay is adding a new item specific to listing flows. You will be able to add the newly created “Prop 65 warning” to your listing, available in most categories via your desktop.

Sellers can also provide additional details related to your products as part of the item description.

To see if this applies to your business and learn more about Proposition 65, visit

You will continue to receive updates from eBay on additional ways to inform your buyers.

To add an item specific for California Proposition 65

  1. Open you eBay feed in GoDataFeed
  2. Go to Rules
  3. Create a new rule
  4. Map the next available item specific name to "Prop 65 warning" (without quotes)
  5. Map the corresponding item specific value to your appropriate Prop 65 warning message

For more information, see eBay's announcement Updates to California Proposition 65 Going into Effect

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