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Feed: Amazon - Amazon Shipping Templates and MerchantShippingGroupName

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Shipping templates let you create your shipping settings across several products at once (default service levels, shipping regions, transit times, and shipping rates). You can create up to 20 shipping templates for specific groups of SKUs.

Before you create a template, verify that your default shipping address is accurate and make sure you understand the requirements.

We encourage merchants to utilize the Shipping Templates within Amazon. The template is easy to configure and allows for seamless integration with our feed. 


Create a new shipping template

To create a template, follow the instructions from Amazon: Create, edit, or delete shipping templates


Map the shipping template name to the feed

Once a template is created, the exact template name is then mapped to the field named 'MerchantShippingGroupName' in your Amazon feeds.


Check the shipping template assigned to a SKU

After you submit the feed, confirm your skus have the correct shipping template assigned in Seller Central



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