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Feed: eBay - How to locate ItemID within your eBay Dashboard

Sarah Bacchus
Sarah Bacchus
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Some users may need to submit ItemID within the feed to provide appropriate updates within your eBay feed. Below are the steps on how you can locate your ItemID within your eBay Dashboard. 

  1. Log into eBay Seller Center
  2. In the top menu bar located in the upper right corner on "my eBay" then click on "Selling".
  3. Click on "reports" and click "downloads"
  4. Next, click on the blue button that says "Download report" then select the report source "Listings" then click on Select report type and select "All active listings".
  5. Verify the "item number" is listed in the Summary of Listing reports columns. If it is not, please refer to the step below: 

    If it is not listed, you will need to go to Listings and select Inventory, then from the left menu click on "Active", above the product list table, click on "Customize Table" checkmark Item Number, and make sure the Custom label (SKU) is checked too then repeat steps 1-4.
  6. Click "Download" and open the file in excel. 

Format the file: 

  1. Remove all columns besides the item number and the custom label sku column. 
  2. Rename the item number column to "eBay-ItemNumber".
  3. Rename the custom label sku column to "sku".
  4. Save the file as a CSV and send it back to me for review. 

The file can be used as a merge file, this will allow you to map the file as a merge file and map the "eBay-ItemNumber" field to "itemID" for support implementing the merge file you can provide our team with the file and open a ticket for further support or see the following article: Import: Merge files - Merging supplemental files with your primary import source.


Contact our support team for further assistance with this issue. Be sure to provide any affected sku's or screenshots of where you are encountering an issue.

Open a support ticket


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