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Rebecca Koss
Rebecca Koss
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The Amazon Field Lookup tool allows Users to search by Amazon categories to view the feed field names, categories, data types, and examples of the acceptable values Amazon accepts when a feed is submitted per their XSD.

Users who have several categories of items – or are unsure of their category or an accepted value (or string of values) for a feed field – will be able to locate this information here within GoDataFeed.

Note: the values displayed in the Amazon Field Lookup may vary from values requested when creating listings in bulk.


Where to find the Amazon Field Lookup Tool

The Amazon Field Lookup tool is located within any Amazon feed template in the Mapping section. You'll click the 'Amazon Field Lookup' link at the top of the page to launch the tool.


How to Use the Amazon Field Lookup Tool

Users are able to select a Category from the dropdown to view Field Names, Data Types, and Accepted Values in the lookup table. Users can also use the search bar to search fields.


Users can click the ‘Back to Mapping’ link to navigate back to the Mapping page to implement data values they discover in the Amazon Field Lookup.



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