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Feed: Amazon - Connecting Amazon Seller Central to Godatafeed

Sarah Bacchus
Sarah Bacchus
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This process requires the Amazon Seller Central account owner

Amazon allows two methods for customers to connect Godatafeed to Seller Central for Imports, Feeds, and Orders. Both methods require login using the primary Seller Central Credentials. 

Method 1: Connecting Seller Central in Godatafeed

Click the conect button in Godatafeed. You will then need to login with the primary user credentials and authorize Godatafeed. The user is redirected back and the tokens are automatically populated. 



The user is then redirected back and the refresh token is auto populated. 



Method 2: Authorize Our Developer App in Seller Central

Step 1 Login using the primary user credentials and navigate to Manage your Apps in the following link: 

Step 2 Click Authorize new developer

Step 3 If you see the below error message, then you are not using the primary Seller Central login within the account created. You will need the primary seller central account owner in order to move forward. 


Step 4 Next you will need to enter the Godatafeed Developer credentials. 

Developer's Name: GoDataFeed

Amazon US Developer ID: 379788198321


Amazon UK / EU Developer ID: 094479053376




Step 5 Now click the next button to generate the MWS token. 


Step 6 Copy the MWS Auth Token, Seller ID, and Marketplace ID over and paste them into Godatafeed parameters settings. Make sure the Refresh token and Access token are empty. 



Please note this image is from the feed parameters. Depending on where you are updating these credentials in Godatafeed the parameters may look a bit different if you are in the Orders section or the Import section. The values you are entering will be the same. Feel free to contact support if you are running into an issue. 


Now when the Import, Feed's, or Order's feature within Godatafeed makes the API call to Amazon, we will be able to automatically Create the refresh token needed to communicate with Amazon. 



All done! 

Your feeds are now compliant and will experience no interruptions in services.

Please contact our support team if you have any questions at

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