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Feed: Microsoft Advertising (Bing Shopping) - Bing: redirect errors for Volusion product URLs

Sarah Bacchus
Sarah Bacchus
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Bing has rejected Volusion merchants' ProductURLs for having redirects. The default ProductURL on a Volusion import reads as follows:[ProductCode]

To resolve this issue, please add 'pe.ProductNameShort' to your import and create the following custom rules within your Bing feed.

Rule #1: SEO-Friendly URL when [ProductNameShort] is empty

If you have 'Enable Search Engine Friendly URLs' activated in your Volusion store, the default product links will redirect and cause an error on Bing.

  1. Visit FeedsBing ShoppingCustom rules
  2. Click the plus button to add a new rule
  3. Set '[F]. [link]' to 'your base URL' + 'product-p/' + '[P]. [ProductCode]' + '.htm'
  4. Apply the condition when '[P].[ProductNameShort]' is empty
  5. Click Save

Rule #2: Custom SEO-friendly URL when [ProductNameShort] is NOT empty

  1. Add 'pe.ProductNameShort' to the API Path in the GoDataFeed Primary source settings and trigger a new import.
  2. Visit FeedsBing ShoppingCustom rules
  3. Click the plus button to add a new rule
  4. Set '[F]. [link]' to 'your base URL' + '[P].[ProductNameShort]' + '-p/' + '[P].[ProductCode]' + '.htm'
  5. Apply the condition when '[P].[ProductNameShort]' is not empty
  6. Click 'Save'
  7. Click 'Text Replace'
  8. Replace space ' ' with a hyphen '-'
  9. Clcik 'Save'



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