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When you sell the same product as other Amazon sellers, your product information may not be displayed on the listing.

Amazon article: Correct an Error on a Product Detail Page

Detail Page Control

In most categories, multiple sellers sell the same product through a single detail page. This provides an organized, uniform product presence in our catalog and increases the convenience of comparison shopping for potential buyers.

The information displayed on an Amazon single detail page, called "reconciled" data, is drawn from multiple seller contributions. When a seller contributes product information to an existing item in our catalog, a decision is made about whether or not to display any changes to the product details on the single detail page. This decision is processed automatically according to business logic known as "Detail Page Control." Detail Page Control determines which of the available product descriptions, features, titles, and additional details are displayed on the single detail page.

The selection is made based on which contributing seller has greater Detail Page Control as determined by our automated system. This could be Amazon or any seller offering the item. Detail Page Control rankings are not modified manually but are regularly reviewed and updated automatically by our system. Some factors that affect Detail Page Control are a seller's sales volume, refund rate, buyer feedback, and A-to-z Guarantee claims.

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