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Feed: eBay Marketplace -Gallery image issues

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Merchants sometimes experience gallery image issues with their eBay feed. eBay downloads images from the URL provided so that they can host the image as a thumbnail in order to load search results faster.

When the thumbnail image fails to show on eBay, then this means eBay could NOT download the image, either because the URL is invalid OR because the server hosting the image denied eBay's request to download the image.

This issue could be occurring due to either of the reasons below.

A. Server Timeout before eBay can download all images:

We want to emphasize that this is a server issue.

We found this in a forum:

"Since that's where you have the original image hosted (your server), that server has to be up and responding to them when they go to process it. You know that it's working to some level when the image loads correctly in your browser as you look at the item page, so the most likely explanation for the failure of eBay to get it would be some kind of denial of service safety catch on the webserver. When it sees "too many" requests come in at once that don't look like they're legitimate people then it starts blocking or refusing to respond to those requests to keep services available for the legitimate users. There are a number of people that see the gallery image requests from eBay as an attack and block further requests from the eBay system. If that's the case, you'll need to modify your network and website configuration to allow the requests from eBay to get through. If they can't get the image and process it, they can't create the gallery image.

Please consider this and take it to your webmaster/developer.

B. CMYK Color Format is not accepted:

Images using the CMYK color format are not allowed. If your listing uses self-hosted pictures with this format, you will not receive an error when creating the listing, but the image will not appear in the listing. Please reference this forum

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