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Optimize Product Titles
To maximize your product exposure, be sure your product titles are clear and representative of your products. Where possible, include the Manufacturer/Brand, Model Number, and Product Category in the title, especially for Appliances, Computers and Electronic categories (e.g. Gateway > GM5626 > Desktop Computer). For media products, include the Title, Author, and Format (e.g. Touch of Evil > Kay Hooper > Paperback). For clothing, include the Manufacturer/Brand, Style/Color/Material, Gender, and Product Type (e.g. Kenneth Cole > Black > Men's Dress Shirt).

Optimize Descriptions
Descriptions should contain relevant information about your product that will help customers in their search. Do NOT contain HTML, symbols such as $ or quotation marks, capital letters, or any promotional text such as Free Shipping, or 15% Off . The maximum length is 5000 characters.

Increase Quality Score with Product Images
Product images should be included to give your products a better data quality score. Images should be at least 100 x 100 pixels and not include any animation, watermarks, or text.

Include Product Condition
It is highly advisable to include this field (although it is not required). If you do not specify the condition and leave the field blank, it will assume the item to be New. The acceptable values are New, Used and Refurbished .

General Optimization Tips

FTP not working
After you have received your Welcome email from Bing/Microsoft, your FTP should be active. The address should be: and not ftps://

Add a Logo
Adding a logo in Bing is required and can be done through the merchant center. Your logo should conform to these standards: 88 px (w) by 31 px (h), must be in one of these formats: .jpg, .gif or .png image, and without animation. Resizing your logo is easy in certain programs such as Paint.

Feed Processing Frequency
Bing Shopping indexes run once a day meaning it could take 36-48 hours for the updates to be reflected in your listings, and up to 14 business days for the intitial feed. ftps://

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