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Feed: Amazon - Troubleshooting: Amazon Feed Submission Errors

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Sarah Bacchus
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Amazon has many requirements to list products on the marketplace. This can vary for each merchant and marketplace. In general, the merchant's account must be approved to sell on each marketplace, the account must be in good standing with no outstanding balances, and the volume of products must adhere to rate limit restrictions for each merchant.

Some common error messages that Amazon feeds encounter include the following:
❌ Feed Rejected
❌ Max number of created feeds
❌ Invalid Input
❌ Invalid request parameters


Processing Report

Within your Amazon feed template, you can view the processing report of errors returned from the channel. You can review the report dynamically by clicking on the errors for more details or by downloading the report and reviewing any SKU-specific details. Sometimes there are account-level issues that you may need to resolve before resubmitting the feed in order for these details to be updated. 



Account level Issues 

Please verify that your Amazon account is in good standing in Seller Central and is approved to sell on the specific marketplace. Navigate to Seller Central and check your seller status (Settings > Account Info).


In certain cases, you can be both active and valid but still unable to submit feeds. In this scenario, if you attempt to add a product manually via Amazon, it may not allow you which will show that you have a restriction.


You can verify this by navigating to Catalog > Add Products > Select "I'm adding a product not sold on Amazon"> Choose one of the Amazon categories using the category tree.



You should be redirected to a new page where you can enter your product details.


If there are any issues with your account configuration, you may need to contact Amazon support for further details on any account-level restrictions or any owed balances. Before opening up a support ticket with GoDataFeed, it's best to ensure your Amazon account is in good standing. 


If you need to open up a support ticket with Amazon Seller's support team you can do so at the following link: If you have reached out to Amazon and your account is in good standing yet you are still returning these listed errors, then you can contact the GoDataFeed support team for further assistance.

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