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Meta (Facebook) API: Configuring Facebook Feeds - Primary & Supplementary

GoDataFeed Technical Team
GoDataFeed Technical Team
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fb-instagram.png  Feed Settings: Facebook / Instagram

This article will help you configure product feeds in GoDataFeed for use in Meta Business Manager. 

Step 1 Select your Facebook API feed template

Primary or Supplementary? Be sure to select the type of feed required for your use case:

  • If you are looking to upload new products, you will need a Primary Facebook feed. For Primary feeds, select Facebook API.
  • If you are using Meta Checkout or are only interested in adding additional data to an existing product feed, you will need a Supplementary feed. For Supplementary Meta feeds, select Facebook API - Supplementary.



Authenticating your Meta account

Step 2  Navigate to GoDataFeed's Facebook Dashboard located inside the Facebook API feed that you have added to your GoDataFeed store.


Step 3  Click the connect button to initiate the connection workflow.


Step 4  Next you will be redirected to Meta Business Manager. Log in to your Meta Business account and approve the requested permissions.


Configuring your catalog and feed 

Step 5  Now that your Meta account is linked to GoDataFeed, enter the Catalog Id for your data feeds. 


Your Catalog ID is located in your Meta Business account in the Commerce Manager section.


For help creating a new Meta Catalog, see Steps 1 through 4 of this help article.


Step 6  Click Verify Catalog to confirm that GoDataFeed can access the provided catalog. 



Step 7  Click Finish to be redirected back into GoDataFeed's Facebook Dashboard.

There you can set up import and feed schedules, update field mapping, create custom rules, and automate the submission of your product feed to Meta. 

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