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The following is from Newegg Seller Academy Navigation List/Taxonomy Guide

Download the latest Newegg taxonomy guide here. It includes the website navigation tree and subcategory-related property information.


How To Use the Navigation Tree

This guide is to show the mappings between the navigation tree on and the subcategory list on the backend.

This also is a tool to assist you in determining the actual subcategory information by searching certain navigation paths or keywords when you create items on the backend, or locating the navigation path by specifying certain subcategories.

For example, if your item was listed in subcategory (1490)Handbags, this item will be assigned to the below two navigation paths online. On the contrary, if you would like to have your item visible under the path "Home/Marketplace/Apparel & Accessories/Accessories/Handbags", you should create your item under the subcategory (1490)Handbags.


For more detail regarding subcategory information, please download the related taxonomy report under the Taxonomy File Name column accordingly.


Taxonomy Files

Please refer to the taxonomy files found in our Help Center for a full list of accepted values.

For more detail regarding subcategory information and accepted values, please download related taxonomy report under Taxonomy File Name column accordingly.

Newegg Taxonomy_Accessories.xlsx 
Newegg Taxonomy_Apparel.xlsx 
Newegg Taxonomy_Appliance.xlsx
Newegg Taxonomy_Arts & Crafts.xlsx 
Newegg Taxonomy_Auto & Hardware.xlsx 
Newegg Taxonomy_Baby.xlsx 
Newegg Taxonomy_Bags & Luggage.xlsx 
Newegg Taxonomy_Beauty.xlsx
Newegg Taxonomy_Books, Media & Entertainment.xlsx 
Newegg Taxonomy_Camera & Photo.xlsx 
Newegg Taxonomy_Cell Phone Accessories.xlsx 
Newegg Taxonomy_Cell Phones.xlsx 
Newegg Taxonomy_Computer Hardware.xlsx 
Newegg Taxonomy_Consumer Electronics.xlsx 
Newegg Taxonomy_DVD & Videos.xlsx 
Newegg Taxonomy_Food & Gifts.xlsx 
Newegg Taxonomy_Health & Personal care.xlsx
Newegg Taxonomy_Home & Living.xlsx
Newegg Taxonomy_Home Improvement.xlsx 
Newegg Taxonomy_Industrial Supplies.xlsx 
Newegg Taxonomy_Jewelry.xlsx 
Newegg Taxonomy_Marine & Aviation.xlsx 
Newegg Taxonomy_Motorcycles & Powersports.xlsx 
Newegg Taxonomy_Musical Instruments.xlsx 
Newegg Taxonomy_Office Equipment & Supplies.xlsx 
Newegg Taxonomy_Other.xlsx
Newegg Taxonomy_Outdoor & Garden.xlsx
Newegg Taxonomy_Pet Supplies.xlsx 
Newegg Taxonomy_Software.xlsx 
Newegg Taxonomy_Sports Goods.xlsx 
Newegg Taxonomy_Toys Games & Hobbies.xlsx 
Newegg Taxonomy_Video Game Consoles.xlsx
Newegg Taxonomy_Warranty & Service.xlsx 
Newegg Taxonomy_Watches.xlsx 

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