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String Function: ENCODE_BASE64

Yesenia DeSalle
Yesenia DeSalle
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How can I use the String Function "ENCODE_BASE64{{" on my feed? 


The encoding string function is used to scramble raw information to the extent that it cannot reproduce it back to its original form. It takes a piece of information and passes it through a function that performs mathematical operations on the plaintext. Typically, this is used when you want to encode customer information or sensitive data that is on your import. 



In the example below for ENCODE_BASE64{{ we want to encode the "[ImageURL]" to F6902E2089478604307C194855F0896D5124D2EFEF134894447F9139C627B91B


The below example shows how this rule was applied on the feed level using a String Function. You will see that the "ImageURL" changed from a URL to a code. 


See below for a screenshot of the rule once saved and applied: 


See below for the value before the string function is applied in the green column and see the value in the blue column for the result after the rule has been applied to the feed. 



See additional help articles for further:

:dizzy:  Using String Functions in Feed Rules


Need further support in setting up a string function? Contact our support team and please provide 3-5 example sku's as well as the expected before and after values for our team to best assist you further. 

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