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Godatafeed Order Sync Integrations

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Our order sync solution provides merchants with powerful time-saving software that continuously moves orders and fulfillments between an order source and an order destination. Examples of an order source are marketplaces such as Amazon, and an example of an order destination is the merchant's storefront such as Shopify. 

Merchants will use our Order Sync software so that an order can be automatically retrieved from the source and sent to the destination as they become available. In the destination, the order item inventory will be automatically updated and a merchant will review the synced orders and prepare fulfillment. Any updated fulfillment information in the destination will be sent back to the source automatically so that the source can inform the buyer that the order has been shipped.

During this synchronization of order information, merchants can review the status of the sync from within GoDataFeed Order Sync dashboard. They can view new orders that we have detected, the status of sending them to the destination, the status of retrieving the fulfillment information from the destination, and the status of marking the orders as shipped in the source. We support the synchronization of the order information and order status up to the shipped status of the order life cycle. Sometimes an order will be canceled by the merchant or canceled by the customer while it is being synced. We support syncing cancellations to the destination and source when detected.

The merchant will continue to monitor orders in the destination and source before, during, and after our order synchronization. Any order issues, returns, and refunds are managed outside our order sync software. We do not offer any data manipulation or services that a traditional OMS solution would offer. You can not use our software for purchasing shipping labels or reconciling financial statements.

Our Order Sync software supports custom integrations and enterprise customers via our Order Sync API. This ensures any order management workflow can leverage syncing orders from supported order sources to any destination.


Order Sync Lifecycle 

This graphic illustrates the flow of an order from the marketplace until it is sync complete in our system.


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