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Feed: Facebook - How to Optimize your Meta (Facebook) Feed

Yesenia DeSalle
Yesenia DeSalle
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We've created this helpful article with tips & suggestions to help you get the most out of your shop on Facebook and Instagram by optimizing your Facebook feed within Godatafeed. Many of these optimizations are from the following resource: 


Drive consideration with every collection

  • Try to feature your most exciting products first to help make the most of the prime space.
  • Refresh your collections around seasonal moments, promotions, upcoming launches, or trends you've noticed from your followers.
  • Bundle related products together to showcase completed looks.

Optimize your product detail pages

  • Write concise descriptions and collection titles that clearly describe the collection and make people want to take a closer look.
  • Use full-screen images that work well on mobile with photography that's not too cluttered.
    • For apparel, consider using images that complete a 360-degree view of the look in a range of sizes.
    • For beauty, lean into before and after transformations and hands-on imagery.
    • For home, reinforce fit with images that illustrate dimensions and the real-life setting.

Reach customers consistently with shoppable content

  • Use product tags in your stories and posts. Try using multiple tags, but don't clutter the image with too many.
  • Consider repurposing your most engaging Live content for shoppable feed posts.

Take advantage of valuable shop insights

  • View insights from your shop within Commerce Manager to see what's working and what you can  improve.
  • Use trends and performance metrics to inform the way you set up your collections, shoppable content, and ads.

You can apply this to your feed in Godatafeed by ...

  • Creating custom rules for your titles, descriptions or any field you want to customize. For more information: Customizing your product data with rules

  • Assigning specific values to custom labels so you can define and create campaigns or subdivide your products. For more information: Promotion rules



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