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GoDataFeed is used by thousands of brands, retailers, and agencies to transform static catalogs into
dynamic product feeds tailored to channel requirements and optimized for marketing goals. User's can add a Meta (Facebook) Feed template to submit their catalog of products to Meta. 


Field Mapping

The screen below shows some of the fields that make up the Facebook feed. When the feed is added to the store, fields are auto-mapped using the source data. Users can map fields to either source fields or static values which get applied to all products in the feed. Required fields are denoted with a red star.


Users can click on the field name to get additional help during feed setup.


Validation Rules

The Facebook feed template has data quality check rules called "validation rules" that analyze the feed data for completeness, channel readiness, and optimizations.


Each feed compilation ends with a validation of the product data.


Users can click on each validation error to see corrective action.


Processing Report

Soon after the feed is submitted to the channel, a processing report is retrieved. This report may contain errors and warnings that the channel found during product ingestion.


At this point, merchants are required to fix red errors to ensure valid products are part of the Facebook
catalog. Once errors are fixed, merchants can resubmit the feed. Yellow items are typically warnings that are suggested to resolve the items to resubmit the items to the channel. 


If you are looking to submit a Meta (Facebook) Feed then you may find the following help center article helpful: Meta (Facebook): Connecting your Feed to your Catalog as a New Data Source



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