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Easily manage orders from multiple marketplaces in one place. Godatafeed Order Sync allows you to update a marketplace order's status, shipping details, tracking information, and cancellations. Marketplace order information may be either synced directly with your supported shopping cart platform (see below) or via the GoDataFeed API.


How the Sync Cycle Works

  • Sync cycle is triggered every 15 minutes which starts with a check for new or updated orders in the marketplace(s).
  • If you manually fulfill the order in the marketplace, then GOS will mark it as Manually Synced and stop syncing the order.
  • New orders are then downloaded from the marketplace and sent to you for fulfillment.
  • Once you ship an order with a tracking number, GoOrderSync will update the marketplace order with the tracking number, shipped date, and shipped status. At this point, the sync is complete for the order.
  • Schedule hourly email reports on the hours best for your needs. The email will provide you with error messages and order totals.

Order Sync supported marketplaces

  • Amazon
  • Google
  • Walmart
  • eBay
  • Newegg

Order Sync shopping cart platforms

  • Shopify
  • BigCommerce
  • Volusion
  • 3dcart
  • Magento 1.x
  • Magento 2.x

Supported via GoDataFeed API

To learn more about building applications that use GoDataFeed's API, download the GoDataFeed API Documentation guide for developers.

Order Sync Lifecycle

This graphic illustrates the flow of an order from the marketplace until it is sync complete in our system.


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