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GoDataFeed API Integration
GoDataFeed API Integration
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Publish your feed to the channel by completing the submission parameters of using the feed pull URL. This may require FTP, API, or other details from the channel. Please refer to our channel specific articles for more information. Otherwise, you can also configure the feed file settings, email alerts, submission schedule, or generate a feed pull url.


File Name and Format

Use these settings to set the filename for the feed, format, compression and encoding. For the vast majority of feeds, these settings control the file that is produced when you compile or submit the feed. For channels in which we submit via API, these settings only affect the CSV feed preview file. 

If needed, you can also make the feed append the current date/time to the filename. Learn about Using date/time in feed file name.


Email Alerts

Use these settings to receive emails when the feed either succeeds or fails. 

Receive alerts about the status of your feed after the feed submits or is pulled. Most people only want to know if the feed fails which could be from a system issue, product data issue, or user error. Additionally, you can get a complete report of the feed after it successfully submits. 

You can have these sent to more than one recipient. Use a semicolon ";" to separate each email address

Here are examples of the emails you receive by our system when a feed succeeds or fails


Feed Succeeds Email Example



Feed Fails Email Example



Feed Pull/Fetch URL

Use the HTTP link provided to have the channel fetch or pull the feed from HTTP link. When the feed pull link is triggered, the feed will compile before providing the feed file.

Get started by creating a feed pull URL. You can disable the token to access the feed URL as well as regenerate the feed pull URL. For additional security, you can enter a list of IP addresses you wish to allow access to the feed pull URL.

Fetching the latest feed file without compiling or waiting for an import to finish

By default, our system will deny a feed pull request if the import is running and even if the import is not running, then the feed will run compilation before providing the feed. This may cause the wait time to run long and even cause a channel to timeout.

Add this query parameter (?isBypassRunningImport=true) to the end of feed pull URL to have our system get the latest feed, even if the import is running and without first compiling the feed.



Feed Submission Parameters and Schedule

Most feeds use the submission method in which you will provide FTP or API keys to send the feed file to the channel. Submission parameters are required in order to submit the feed. For example, FTP username and password OR marketplace API keys. The channel often provides the details you need. 

Submissions can be scheduled and typically default to 4am ET.  The feed schedule is linked to your product import. For every feed submission time, we import your product catalog first, then compile and submit the feed.

Submitting to a specific channel

 Here are some examples of publishing your feed to different channels:

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