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Meta (Facebook): Connecting your Feed to your Catalog as a New Data Source

Sarah Bacchus
Sarah Bacchus
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fb-instagram.png  Feed Settings: Facebook / Instagram

This article will help you schedule regular data feed file uploads from GoDataFeed to your Facebook Business account. 

Create a new Facebook product catalog

Step 1  Log into Meta Commerce Manager and select your Business account from the upper left drop-down. Go to Catalogs.

IMPORTANT: Please be sure that you have a Facebook business account set up. Learn more


Step 2  Select + Add Catalog then Catalogs

Please note: Meta recommends using one catalog for all of your inventory. If you are experiencing issues with a separate catalog you may need to contact Meta for further support. You can submit our catalog using the below steps and then choose to remove a previously submitted catalog if you prefer.



Step 3  Select + Add Catalog and you will be redirected to the following screen. Select Ecommerce and then select Next.


Step 4  Next you will need to configure your settings, You'll need to select the Catalog Owner and then enter the catalog name. 


Step 5  Once the catalog is created you can select View Catalog. You will then be redirected back to Commerce Manager.

Step 6  On the left go to Catalog > Select Data Sources. Under Add Items select Data feed and select Next. 


Step 7 Create a new data feed: Are you ready to upload your spreadsheet or file? You can choose Yes and then select Next

Step 8  Data feed: Choose how to upload your file You can select Use a URL and for the section Enter the URL where your file is hosted you will need to open a new tab and navigate back to Godatafeed to copy your feed pull URL which you will enter here, see image and steps below. 

Follow these steps to find your GoDataFeed feed pull URL
  1. In GoDataFeed, go to Feeds > Select the Meta (Facebook) feed > Feed settings
  2. If you haven't done so already, click Create Feed URL to activate the feed pull URL
  3. Click Copy URL


You can click Copy URL from Godatafeed and then paste the URL back over into Meta (Facebook). Login details are optional and not required. You can select Next. 


Step 9  How often do you want your data feed to update? Select how often you want your inventory to be updated. 


The time and frequency will depend our your import schedule in GoDataFeed. Typically, we are importing your data once daily around 1am EST. This means, for example, you will most likely select "Daily at 1:50am". If you have configured more imports in GoDataFeed, or if the import takes a long time, then you will need to take these into consideration. After each data import into our system, we compile the feed so that it is ready to be fetched by Facebook there after. Review your import history to figure out the best time for Facebook to fetch the feed.

Step 10  Confirm Settings and upload: Once you confirm these settings and select Save Feed and Upload you will then begin uploading your items. 



Step 10  You should be able to review any issues that need attention from the Overview section within Commerce Manager after Meta (Facebook) has been able to ingest the feed. 

Please note: that sometimes with these reports there are many warnings that are suggested optimizations but the red error items are the priority items that you would want to review and resolve in order to list these items. Feel free to open a support ticket with the report attached should you need further assistance. 


Please note the following feed file formats and size limits for data feeds (source: Meta (Facebook))

  • Supported formats: CSV, TSV, Google Sheets or XML (RSS/ATOM).
  • File size limit: 100 MB for a one-time file upload or 8 GB for a scheduled feed. We also support compressed ZIP and GZIP files up to 30 GB. Files over 4 GB may take several hours to upload, so you may want to split them into multiple feeds and upload them separately.
  • Item limit: One million items per data feed is recommended. If your data feed contains more items, split it into multiple feeds and upload them separately. You can upload as many data feeds as you want, but they must all contain different items.
  • Line length limit: 5 MB (5,242,880 characters) for each line or row of your data feed.


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