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Import: Shopify - Import products from Shopify - Private App

Sarah B
Sarah B

Beginning November 30th, 2023, Shopify requires merchants to use our Marketplace App instead of Private App / Custom App. This is only an authentication update, your imported data will not change.

Review our migration guide here:

Shopify Migration Guide

  • Our integration provides seamless product imports allowing you to manage your product data on Shopify while we automatically retrieve the latest changes on a daily basis.

    Alternatively, you may install our app from Shopify App Marketplace

    This option is the quickest and simplest way to connect GoDataFeed with your Shopify store.

    If you start your trial using the app install method, then your app billing will be through your Shopify billing.

    Otherwise, use an existing account or sign up directly at


    1. From your Shopify admin, go to Apps > Manage private apps


    2. Click "Create a new private app"


    3. Enter 'Private App Name' and 'Contact Email


    4. Choose Permissions as shown below


      If you intend to use our marketplace order sync tool, then be sure to change the 'Orders, transactions and fulfillments' permission to 'Read and write'.


    5. Skip 'Storefront API' section

    6. Click "Save" to generate API credentials

    7. The API Key and Password are now ready


    8. In GoDataFeed > Import > Primary Source > from the drop-down > select Shopify Private App

    9. Enter your store's Base URL, API Key and API Password

      Base URL is the admin URL without 'admin', i.e., admin .

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    Aron Ekstein

    a bit more details and a screenshots would be helpful!

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    Steve H

    HI Aron,

    Thanks for the tip. I've added screenshots. Enjoy!

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    Very helpful article with easy to follow tips. Good job!

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    Steve H

    Thanks, Yadav!


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